Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 15
Last day in lowburn
Missing the weather, sunbath, hammock, chickens, ann & all the neighbours
Queenstown for my last minute shoppings
Hoping to find something but in vain
Bought 2tops at glassons
Loves & cheaps!
Chinese restaurant for lunch
Sped to airport for departure
Can tell my aunt cant bear to see me leave
Still insist that wanna hurry send me and ensure I've gotten up the plane to relieve her from all the stress & my nonsense
Flight to sydney delayed a lil
And when reached sydney airport
Was already being paged to get on the bungy car thingy
Was requested to take the business seat of the car
With high speed to the gate
Watching Marley&me on the plane
Teared and cried
Hope my neighbour din notice me keep sniffing
Relatives came to pick me up at airport
And as expected,
my uncle did up a mini-signage writing my name
KA came
Bit expected but thanks!
Headed supper together
Was pretty energetic after shower
Chat online till late
Besides missing parents & siblings,
it wld be local food
Just dono why, how comes
But its just so!
Guess I've learnt many things during this trip
Learning to be tough & strong
"When the going gets tough ...
... the tough gets going "


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